Landor 1.6m Liquid Lamination Coating System

1.6m waterbased coater offers the very best in added protection against the effects of water, chemical, abrasion and UV fade. Our UV inhibitors will give outdoor prints that added lifespan

Key Features: 

  • 1.6m coating width capacity
  • 61- 100u coating thickness wet
  • 25-35u coating protection – dry
  • Average coating speed 90m2 per hour based on 1.6m width
  • Fast and efficient IR heat and air curing system accelerates cure time 
  • Choice of Coating finish: Gloss, Satin, Matt, wallpaper matt
  • Enhanced protection capabilities for PVC banner, Self adhesive films, fabrics, textiles, Canvas. 
  • Adjustable coating thickness
  • Adjustable heat, speed and air fan circulation 
  • Regulates coating weights
  • Consistent coating with Meyer bar coatings. 
Landor 1.6m Coater

Advantages and Benefits to your printed materials

  • Ensures optimal adhesion and bonding to the surface of your materials 
  • Fast, efficient, clear and high quality finish output. 
  • Perfectly smooth and clear surface covering, every time 
  • Cleaner and dust free when coating larger artworks 
  • Easy to install and coat with minimal cleaning time 
  • Adjustable heat and speeds ensure be

The Landor 1.6m liquid laminator was developed and to meet the needs of new generation materials and inks and improve adhesion especially with different materials that have different surface energy and reactions to coating technologies.  Efficient as well as eco friendly, thes coating system will provide perfect adhesion, protection from start to finish. Its automatic supply and return with filters keeps the coating clean and free of dirt marks and provides almost no waste. Easy to clean system takes less than 5 minutes.  Our liquid laminates are specially formulated to provide your images lasting protection. Usually you can count on up to double the protection of an un-protected print of the same type and manufacture.

Our coating system is also available in 3.3m widths for applications for Flex face banners as well as Truck curtains and larger scale building wraps.

PVC banner cannot be protected with over lamination films, so the only ways to protect and to insure the life span and durability of PVC banners is to protect them with liquid laminates.  By using our coating systems you have a mechanical system that is both reliable and stable and requires almost no maintenace and will last for years.  

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