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Outdoor signs are exposed to a great deal of different and often unpredictable elements that can and often will adversely affect the quality,  durability or longevity of the printed image when left outside. Our range of coatings offer that necessary or preventative layer of protection so that the original artwork can remaine its best throughout the period ot time expected or required to last before it loses its impact or vibrancy or communications objective. 

Water, rain, chemical, pollution, UV light and abrasion from heavy traffic flow all contribute to the degradation of a print over time. 

Our range of coatings will protect and enhance your prints so they remain as vibrand and appealing as the first day they are put up . 

In addition to our coatings for outdoor applications we also have a speciality range of anti graffiti coatings that go that extra step and protect the images from graffiti damage. Our anti-graffiti coatings can be applied by hand. 


Flex Face Signage and Corporate Branding & Advertising

External corporate signage often installed at height requires quite alot of logistics to install including cranes and specialised equipment and labour services. Although inks today are hard wearing and durable the limits of outdoor inks and substrates, their likely lifespan without liquid lamination protecion is very limiting and removal and replacement would be very costly. For this reason almost all corporate signage,  and flex face signage is coated with Landor liquid lamination sign coatings. This can be easily done in house prior to installation and specialised coating machines are not necessary as this can all be done by hand. Specialists in the outdoor signage and Corporate branding sector can be much more efficient and protect thier client signage using our established and advance coating systems or services. 

Landor offers a short term rental service for projects on demand. 

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Bouncy Castle – Child Play: Leisure, Promotions and Branding 

Landor Liquid Laminates will essentially protect bouncy castles that are usually exposed to alot of water and abrasion.  Water, chemicals, UV light, constant abrasion, and manual transportation and handling in the outdoors puts almost every bouncy castle at high risk of early degradation of the printed Bouncy castle. 

Child soft play indoors experience alot less exposure to water but experience a great deal of child play and abrasion that will not last unless it is protected with our liquid laminates.

Landor anti graffiti coatings, with their added protection is an additional option available and will provide both elements of protection.

Our Anti-microbial coatings will essential protect the high traffic areas, especially the high touch areas from the chance to transmit bacteria. This integrated protection in our coatings will provide a further safety ad protection to the users of bouncy castles and child soft play equipment alike.

For individual guidance, advice and testing if desired, please do not hesitate to call or email us : info@landourk.com, or Tel: +44 1252 624411

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