Frequently Asked Questions about Liquid Lamination

The best practice does depend on the application, for example a canvas would be treated differently to a truck curtain side.  For more delicate applications like canvas, photographic and other inkjet prints, we would recommend using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. It is best to avoid any chemicals with Alcohol or alcohol based. Cleaning products for babies give good results due to their mild nature.

Truck curtain sides should be frequently cleaned otherwise dirt will build up.  There is a temptation to use abrasive scrubbing or solutions containing alcohol to remove the dirt which could compromise the Liquid Lamination coating and create a porous surface allowing dirt to build up easier afterwards.

Our UV Coating Series can usually meet all the criteria for a perfect Liquid Laminate for UV ink prints (it’s not just for truck curtains!). But all inks and substrates are not alike, so it is necessary to test for compatibility, At Landor we make that easier for you as our experience is here to support and share with you so we recommend you check with us first.  Most of our coatings work as a single apply application, However in some cases you may need to use one of our coatings that also can also be used a Digital Primer.  For example – if you want an anti graffiti protection for UV printed work, you may need to  apply one of our coatings  as a ‘pre-coat’/digital primer- prior to applying our anti graffiti coating.  We are happy to work and test with you to get the best versatile, and reliable coating possible 

For HVLP guns the pressure we recommend is 30 PSI at the gun.  The ideal tip size should be 1.3 mm but you can use up to 1.6 mm. If you wish to thin this coating you can thin up to a very maximum of 10% but we reccomend you test first in increments of 2-3% at a time. Note:- The more you thin down the lesser the gloss level and quality of protection from our Original formulation which is specially set to be as universal and the best in user experience as well as protection

The only size restriction you will have is with a Liquid Lamination Machine. We provide as standard 1.6m, and 3.3m Liquid laminators but 5m Liquid Laminators may be produced to special order. For Superwide banners you can hand coat for as large as you can either layout on the floor or hang from a wall. As hand operation is possible with Hand rollers, Paint Pads, brush and Spray.

We would recommend liquid laminating before it is put on a stretcher frame with our Canvas Liquid Laminates. It is always best to leave the canvas to cure for 24h before stretching the canvas. Remember the importance of liquid lamination of canvas is the coatings prevent any possible cracking in the future and equally provide added life and archivability. 

We are constantly testing and upgrading our coatings for all ink technologies. It is always best to check with us as the Inks and substrates could have changed since our last Latex certified coating has been tested. Our Liquid Laminates are especially advantageous for vehicle wrapping due to its natural bonding and elasticity characteristic as well as lower cost to cast laminate films and works exceptionally well with HP Latex inks. Landor Liquid Laminates can be used for a multitude of other applications with the HP Latex inks, assuring adhesion and protection. ie: Digital Wallcoverings, Outdoor flex face signs, Banners, Inflatables, Vehicle Livery, Interior decoration. 

Our Clearshield Liquid Laminates are water based products which can be shipped in cold temperatures. However they should not reach freezing temperature.  When received during adverse weather conditions, it is important to store in ambient conditions and ideally climatise both liquid and substrates prior to use. It is also important to allow to cure in temperatures ideally no less than 15 degrees. Quality and dependability of coating is much improved in better conditions such as 18 degrees. Always stir well in the first instance before use but especially well if using satin or matt products as the matting agents do need to be well mixed. Try and avoid shaking as this can cause undesireable bubbles and poor results in dryer working conditions.  

We have a concise library of MSDS (Material Safety DataSheets) available.  Please send an email with your request and we will reply straight away.

The dried coating will not react to that temperature.  We would expect the adhesive would have a reaction before the dried film. Our Liquid Laminates also work well with most industrial welding equipment.

There are 463 ml in each tin.  In regards to coverage, consideration needs to be made for coating twice and some loss to the atmosphere. A good estimation of coverage is 1-2 m2 per spray tin. we reccomend a first light tac coat (6-10″ away from print), then follow up with a heavier final coat.