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Landor Liquid Laminates and Laminators are used at home and in production environments to enhance images and protect  or extend the life and durability of highly valued prints. Liquid lamination is an option and an alternative to film lamination, and most addresses and overcomes limitations of film lamination. For banner, PVC particularly, Liquid lamination is flexible and the only solution for protecting and conserving applications like truck curtains or External Flex face signs. It also is one of the few technologies to protect digital wallpapers, especially if textured. 

 Liquid Laminates are the most flexible method of laminating having no width restriction unlike their film lamination cousins, and provides high quality finish with a hand roller or an automated machine.  No capital outlay is needed. Start with a roller kit and you can coat by hand and the coating will dry in minutes.  

Vehicle wraps, can me more effiicient and cost effective than traditional films and are always more eco friendly than overlamination film Truck curtains and inflatables, including soft play graphically printed systems require liquid lamination. Digital wallpapers will last at least double the time with liquid lamination and will never bubble, de-laminate or shrink like most other laminates. UV protection in all our caotings will insur you agains any premature fade in the outdoors!

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