Landor UV Curable Coatings

The smart alternative to film lamination:

Landor UV Curable Liquid Coatings – Primer, Finishing, Protection

Our advanced inkjet coatings, inkjet receptive as well as Over protective coating, are all produced from the very best and Highest performance Resins available in the market today. Over 20 yrs experience enables us to understand the needs and rapidly expanding & changing market needs. Enhance your prints with improved image vibrancy, gloss or matt, as well as protect and extend the life of your prints.

Marashield UV Curable Coatings 

Marabu produce an excellent range of highly efficient and durable coatings for UV curable systems. In particular and optimised for Burkle UV curable LFC range of coaters. Added protection and resistant to outdoor, water and abrasion, marashield coatings provide that added layer of protection for harsher environments including public areas, venue and outdoor signage and transit /vehicle applications . Anti-graffiti coatings go that step further for resistance, protection and graffiti removal in vulnerable locations and environments.

Landor UV Curable Coatings 

Our UV Coatings extend to additional applications and equally resist almost any Environment, Indoors or Outdoors, public or Private venues. The Landor individually Developed portfolio in addition to the Marabu Marashield range,  is comprehensive and guaranteed to specifically meet and exceed today’s needs & expectations: Outdoor extended UV resistance, and dry wipe applications, flexible substrates/wallcoverings.

Primers: UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass, Polypropolene, & Corrugated, or they adhere poorly. The bonding layer of our coatings ensures better ink recptivity, bvibrancy, adhesion to a mulititude of substrates, rigid and flexible. Opportunities and advancement of alternative and innovative ideas and substrates and surfaces can now be printed using UV Flatbed printers, exceeding conventional restrictions. 
Finishing:   Choice of finish, usually gloss or matt, enables the right contrast and impact of colours on almost any substrate of choice. Time, value and performance is now unquestionable using our wide range and choice of proven coatings, from flexible and rigid gloss coatings to Anti Graffiti and anti microbial coatings and more. 
Protection: High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, harmful UV rays, or even graffiti is often promised, but seldom delivered. Landor High performance protective coatings, & the Marabu Marashield Liquid Coatings and varnishes  have passed numerous standardised and certified tests with flying colours.

Benefits for your business

  • Lower material costs: Liquid Coatings are considerably less expensive than laminating films, depending on material and application
  • Faster more Productive:  Greater speeds and efficiency adds to the competitive and cost efficiency of UV protective coatings
  • Lower process costs: Liquid Coating by means of roller coating eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting
  • Purpose-designed: Products specifically designed for each application instead of all purpose coatings of unspectacular quality
  • Consistent quality: Machine application for industrial and reproducible quality – on rigid and flexible substrates
  • Suitable for outdoor use: With a high-grade sandwich combination of film, ink, and coating
  • First-class results: Whether glossy or matte, our coatings provide complete and even coverage without “orange peel effect”

Landor Marashield UV-AG Anti-Graffiti Coating

Applied using roller coating, UV-AG ensures that any soiling or graffiti can be removed easily, without harming the advertisements original printed surface.

  • Anti-graffiti varnish
  • Protective finishing
  • UV-curable

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-CBG Corrugated Coating

UV-CBG is suitable for roller-coating digital prints on cardboard materials. These applications include e.g. displays, a variety of interior design objects made of Reboard® materials, and printed packaging.

  • For cardboard and corrugated board material
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss coating
  • Suitable for post processing steps such as folding or cutting

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range


Landor Marashield UV-CGL White Glass Primer

UV-curable ink for full-area roller coating onto flat glass. In addition to the currently available UV-CGL 170 Opaque White further brilliant colour shades will soon be obtainable.

  • 2-component coating
  • Very good adhesion to glass
  • Very high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • High opacity

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-FXG / FXM – Flexible Coating

UV-FXG and UV-FXM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on flexible materials such as self-adhesive PVC foils and tarpaulin materials (plasticised PVC).

  • For flexible substrates
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss (FXG) or matte (FXM) coating

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-PGL  Glass Primer

UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass. Sufficient adhesion is provided by roller-coating the glass panes edge-to-edge with primer UV-PGL.

  • Silicone-free, two-component primer for glass
  • UV-curable
  • Highly transparent
  • Very high mechanical and chemical resistance

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings range

Landor Marashield UV-RG / RM

UV-RG and UV-RM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on rigid materials such as various plastics, wood, aluminium composite panels (Dibond®), and cardboard and corrugated board material.

  • For rigid substrates
  • UV-curable
  • High-gloss (RG) or matte (RM) coating

Landor Dry Wipe UV coatings 

Our dry wipe coatings work similar to whiteboard except the work better with damp cloth, and can be used and cleaned numerous times without affecting the surface finish ahd optical clarity , also acts well as a graffiti resist product.