Graphics in High Traffic Areas

Heavy Footfall
External Floor Graphics

Landor Liquid lamination coatings are an essential protection in high traffic environments. High touch and high traffic  printed surfaces will decline fairly quickly if the ink and substrate is not protected. 

Vibrant print colours today are quite durable and equally offer good scratch resistance, but  ink vibrancy, and visual presentation will soon enough decline after mulitpe touch or abrasion. 

Landor Liquid lamination gloss versions will provide the very best in abrasion resistance as well as water and UV, chemical resistance. Usually you can expect your prints to last double that of your un protected prints in the same equal environments and exposure of your prints. 

Some applications prefer to avoid the glare of gloss coating so we can offer you satin finish which still provides good abrasion resistance without the glare of Gloss. 

When your prints and images must have neutral finish, we suggest our matt version. Matt may show some abrasion marks but your prints and quality are still preserved. 


Landor Liquid Laminates for high touch applications  – Consider our range of anti-microbial coatings that are certified to ISO 22196. These ensure the full protection aainst bacteria transmission including E-Coli and MRSA.  Never the less multiple washes and handling or surface touch on the printed image will shorten the prints useful life or degrade the presentation or quality expectation of the printed image. 

Our range of liquid laminates will therefore ensure the preservation of the print asset and its high quality visual communications. 

The images here have been covered with Landor’s own Phototex self adhesive fabric with its permanently removable and repositionable adhesive without residue which enables the creation of an anti microbial surface without damageing high touch surfaces. 

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