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3.3m Liquid Laminator 

As well as new equipment we also have used equipment that come with warranties. All the equipment has been refurbished and is in great condition. Liquid Coating Machines provide a highly productive, low cost and low waste method of coating, protection and enhancement of your prints. For further information contact Landor today for impartial advice on what is right for you


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Landor 1.6m Liquid Lamination Coater

The Landor 1.6m liquid coater offers a cost efficient, water based coating technology that is ultra flexible and yet provides protection against water, abrasion, chemical, pollution and the premature fading of your print caused by the effects of UV light. 

Particularly important is the ability to protect your prints and extend their life from the aggressive effects of either the outdoors generally, or heavy traffic areas. 

In todays eco-friendly world, you are also reducing the impact that film laminates – especially pvc laminates cause our planet. Longer lasting, more durable is what you get with water based liquid laminates. 

the most common applications for the 3.3m unit is for large external facias, flex face signage, vehicle graphics and Lorry and truck curtains that need to last at least 5 years on a vehicle.  

This is an R&D system now available for sale 

Attractive pricing, terms, support on request 

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UV80 Coater with Roll to Roll option
UV 80 Coater with Roll to roll 

2m wide UV coater with a touch screen control system. White ink option, (2 additional coating and 1 cleaning tank) , roll to roll option, and semi-automated cleaning system 

This is an R&D system now available for sale 

Attractive pricing and terms, support on request  

The Burkle is a German manufactured UV curable coater available in 1.6m and 2m widths offering a cost efficient, as well as environmentally friendly solution for the added protection of the printed image. 

Instead of Plastic films that often cause issues when printed with UV inks, the roll to roll, flexographic coating transfer method will provide a strong stable and defensive protection of your printed images for applications such as outdoors, daily transport and handling issues, where abrasion and de-lamination can otherwise occur. 

We currently do not have in our possession any second hand or refurbished units, but if you are interested then please get in touch with us. Situations and customers change regularily  

Burkle LFC UV Coater