Burkle Liquid Coater

UV curing liquid coating is automatically provided by the Bürkle Liquid Coater range, cheaper and faster than using a film laminator. Choose from the Bürkle LFC 1300 at 1300mm working width, Bürkle LFC 1600 for liquid coating up to 1600mm and the wide 2.1m machine the Bürkle LFC 2100 at 2.1 meters, for priming panels ready for printing and liquid laminating rigid and flexible substrates.

The Bukle Liquid Coater range is for high volume, between 5 and 25 meters per minute, print protection / improvment, and for laying primer on a range of substrates. The Landor/Marabu UV Liquid Coatings were developed and tested in combination with the Burkle Liquid Coater in Germany.

The Burkle LFC Liquid Coater applies UV-based lacquers for the protection and the enhancement of large format digital prints to flexible and rigid materials with a thickness between 0,1 and 80 mm. The variety of base substrates is extensive;  composite panels, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foils, wood based panel and so on. The Burkle LFC 2100 can apply primers to hard to coat substrates like glass or melamine. Suitable for almost all surfaces within digital- and screen printing, a high quality surface finish, guaranteed!

Find out more about the Burkle LFC 1300, Burkle LFC 1600 and BurkleLFC 2100 in our Burkle Liquid Coater brochure.

Burkle Liquid Coater brochure

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