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Liquid Laminates and other products from Landor UK.

Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminators and other accessories are available direct from Landor UK please call (+44 1252 624411) or email for more details.  Our Liquid Laminates are available from Landor in the UK and qualified partners in Europe to provide a network of local retailers focused on service and support.

Landor UK are based in Fleet Hampshire, specialising in media for wide format ink jet printers to match customers’ applications nationwide; working closely with its clients as an extension to their business as Product Managers, more than a supplier. Since 2003 Landor UK has tirelessly found the right product for the right job for large format inkjet printers.

Alongside the specialist product range, Landor UK are the exclusive distributors of the Rauch media range in the UK.

To compliment that media range is Phototex  – the No 1 selling self adhesive fabric. For more information check out our sister website


Extend the life of Your PVC Banner Inkjet Prints

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Not all prints require protection. or not quite like you thought? – as it happens,  the low cost of a  print today, combined with the simplicity now of the technology makes for a large choice and ease of selection, needless to say also a low cost and affordable. New technology is lower cost but no matter how advanced the technology, long lasting prints generally need some protection for extended existance, use or durability. 

Traditional protection of course is film lamination. This does a pretty good job to protect almost any print, and the film technology itself has also advanced quite well. but one of the few substrates where film lamination simply will not work, is pvc banner. Here the only answer is liquid lamination. Using liquid laminate as a medium for protecting and extending the life of your prints really cannot be that much simpler either. No lamination equipment is needed. No capital outlay. Starting with a hand roller, you can simply roller coat onto the surface of your print, a clear coat and you can now expect to at least double the lfie of your print. Its as easy as painting a wall with emulsion. Self levelling liquid laminate, which acts as a digital varnish will protect your prints from anything from pollution, water to chemical reactions from industrial chemicals, rain, abrasion and uv light that can prematurely fade your prints. 

Landor Liquid Lamination coating technology has been protecting inkjet prints for over 20 years now. Its simple to use. Even if you do not want to hand roller, you can use a brush. paint pad, or even spray equipment. If the work and demand for longer lasting prints increase then you can look into using automated equipment like the LANDOR advanced inkjet coaters. 

Selection of gloss, satin or matt finish is also possible. The more gloss the greater the enhancement of the image. But you will certainly be able to double the life of a pvc print when protected with a Landor Liquid Lamination coating.  Remember this added protection relates to the life of an otherwise un protected banner. 

If you would like more information please contact Landor UK Ltd, or tel +44 1252 624 411 


Landor Colourshield Anti-microbial Coatings

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After many years work, analysis, testing and customer support we are pleased to offer to our inkjet customers our own anti microbial coating. this coating meets the criteria set by ISO 22196 for the conditions of protecting agains bacteria, which in this certification and test is using e-coli and MRSA. 

We can now offer in gloss, satin and matt, our high performance protective anti-microbial coatings, which can also guarantee bacteria free surfaces for the life of the print or surface coated with our colourshield Anti microbial coatings full protection. 

As well as by hand, or machine our coatings can also be hand applied, coated with spray equipment, and brush.  User friendly, environmentally friendly and safe to use by hand Retrospective coating is also possible. All you need is a clean, dry surface and assuming good non porous surface we can protect your surfaces. Also available as a protective additive, is using our self adhesive fabric, Landor Phototex which you can put anywhere without the risk of damaging the surface. Please call us for more information and samples.  

Since Covid19, amny companies and the public generally are much more concerned with their safety and good health. the long term effects of Covid19  will not be as longlasting as the risks and dangers associated with the effects of touch, and transmissal of bacterial, so it is even more important to consider public places, and how they need to protect its people. This can be staff in a building to passengers in a bus. We at Landor have been looking at this and providing this solution for many years for digial print. 

What makes our solution unique is that it is a coating and not a film or over laminate. so our solution also remains eco friendly, no plastic, and not changes to the surface. 

Coating is an efficient system available after printing to protect prints from damage from the elements. Now , not least of all, do we offer added protection against abrasion, chemical, water  and uv damage but now also anti microbial protection. 

If you have spaces that have heavy traffic, then talk to us. we will be happy to test and sample solutions for a safer environment, and a more ecological one. !

Inkjet Spray Fixative Coatings

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Inkjet spray is the easiest and fastest method of protecting your inkjet prints. It’s finished look will also enhance and extend the life of your prints.

Whereas inkjet inks produce great results today on a variety of different materials such as paper, film, canvas and textiles, the majority of desktop prints really need protection if you want them to last.

Most desktop inkjet printers, unless specialist photo or industrial, still use dye inks which will have a very limited life. 

Photo papers & coated papers are naturally sensitive to water so it is necessary to use solvent based coatings. This will however guarantee essential flexible protection, providing water resistance , abrasion resistance and UV light resistance. These are the main elements that cause print damage and premature degradation.

Textured surfaces retain their aesthetic feel and look, when using our inkjet sprays due to the flexibility of our coatings.

Our advanced resins, UV absorbers, and binders  ensure that water, abrasion, and UV light will not prematurely degrade your print quality, or the print material. Usually you can expect to attain at least twice the life of your print using our inkjet sprays.

You can choose between Landor liquid laminates -inkjet spray coating protection in gloss or Matt finish. 

For canvas and fabrics we also offer a  special formulation ( Fine Art inkjet spray). For larger projects you can also purchase the coating and either brush, roll, or use industrial spray equipment.

It should take no more than 15-25 mins for our spray coatings to dry in  ambient work conditions. 

Solvent sprays do need to be used in a well aired clean room, or area ideally with good air circulation. 

For more information, assistance please call us on +44 1252 624411 or email us : 

Compare Film Laminatio vs Liquid Lamination

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Film lamination is the application of a film substrate and adhesive (usually PV, Polypropylene, Cast, Polyester films) to a printed substrate. In this application today most film laminators are used with pressure sensitive rollers sometimes with a little heat to improve the activation of the adhesive at the point of pressure.  For this process to work you will usually need to have a good quality film laminator that will apply even and consistent pressure to the adhesive film to the substrate you are laminating. The benefits of lamination are the protection of the printed substrate against the possible premature degradation against the effects of abrasion, handling, rolling, installation and finally exposure to the environment where it is installed. Despite common belief that ink and media do not require protection, certainly in the long term, film and media will only last longer if protected with a laminate. It is often used to add rigidity to a print to ease handling, protection and installation. sometimes also to improve or enhance the printed image, its colour and its visual effect. The downfalls and pitfalls of film lamination is in the skill, and the pressure of the operator for the adhesive bond to sustain its quality for the life of the print. In some cases there are films that will add UV protection of the inks against premature fade, scratch resistance, water, chemical and extra exposure to handling, touch, and water/cleaning.  Over time, standard of protection can fail for a number of causes such as shrink or expansion of the substrate, causing either de-lamination or air pockets and bubbles where the adhesion of the film has not been as good or is not as good as expected.  

Liquid Lamination provides a different and in some areas advanced protection where film lamination simply will not work. However it cannot add features such as added rigidity but it does have added benefits. Its key added benefits are that you do not first and foremost need a professional laminator to apply a protective laminate, as you can easily coat liquid laminates using either a hand roller, brush, Paint pad, or spray equipment. You can also use liquid laminates and apply after you have installed the graphic usually in almost any flat, clean, dry environment.  As well as offering a very flexible, and adaptable protective coating to almost any substrate, including textured substrates (where film lamination will not be very effective and usually will fail), liquid laminates also bond naturally and permanently and it is rare to ever have a tested liquid laminate after lamination to ever de-laminate. The only pre requisite is that the liquid laminate has been tested for its initial adhesion and thereafter it will not fail. Because Liquid laminates are highly flexible they will adapt and shift with any change in stability of the substrate. Liquid laminates also protect against the effects of water, abrasion, UV light fade and will usually protect a graphic print twice as long as an unprotected graphic in the same environment.  Some common exclusives where liquid laminates will work, and film lamination will not work are for PVC banners and fabrics and textiles. 

   Landor Liquid Lamination Coater 1.6


In summary below you can see the value and benefits of using Liquid Laminates: 

  • Liquid Lamination offers in the main greater flexibility and protection to when coating flexible substrates ie: canvas, banner PVC
  • No other suitable form of protection is possible with PVC banner and yet maintains long terms stability of the bond and adhesion of graphics
  • Easy to apply generally, and without the need for capital equipment as it can be applied easily by Hand roller, brush, Pad or spray equipment
  • Liquid Lamination can be applied to substrates that have already been applied to a surface or is on a flat surface.
  • Once applied, tested and verified, liquid lamination will almost never delaminate
  • Liquid Laminates will not cause bubbles and will be dependable throughout and longer than the graphic print life.
  • Liquid Laminates (water based) will provide added protection for the inks and substrates against the effects of UV Light
  • Liquid Laminates are flexible and will adjust themselves to any lesser stable substrates
  • Liquid Lamination, being a water based, or UV curable product and chemistry is environmentally  friendly and usually is not flammable
  • Some PVC, PP laminates will not accept certain high temperatures whereas Liquid lamination will remain stable and conform with Hot and cold temperatures


Water Based Coating systems  


            3.3m Liquid Coater


For more information, advice or support for your protective graphic needs, extra longevity or testing and training needs for liquid or film lamination applications please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1252 624411, email:, or visit our website  – Dont forget to contact us on Facebook

Some applications it is not recommended to use Liquid laminates

  • Liquid Lamination does not provide added rigidity to a printed substrate
  • Liquid Laminates easily attract dust during the Liquid Lamination Process
  • Liquid Lamination is a wet coating process thereby clean and ambient conditions are important
  • Liquid Lamination adhesion is a technical process that may not adhere adequately to some ink, Media substrates
  • Liquid Lamination, although Flexible, some applications demand extra or Ultra rigid strength & durability in handling or in heavy use areas
  • Liquid Lamination, does require certain limits in climate and humidity that may limit the quality of a smooth lamination on some substrates
  • Liquid Lamination (water based) is water resistant but invariably it is not water proof.


if we are now to review the negatives of Film Lamination, we hope this will help you better understand the main benefits and times when you will find better protection, longevity, and durability of your prints using Landor Liquid Laminates 

Applications where it is not recommended to use Film Laminates

  • Film Lamination will usually not fold or stretch, and will be damaged if creased – Liquid Lamination will not be affected by Creasing and folding, Stretching
  • Film Lamination will alter or fail the flexibility of flexible substrates such as fabrics, textiles, textured films. – and are liable to de-laminate
  • Film Lamination will potentially de-laminate especially at the edges when exposed to outdoor water, humidity, heat. Liquid Lamination will maintain its adhesive bond/protection
  • Film Lamination will not adjust itself to the printed substrate in variable hot, cold, humid environments, whereas Liquid Lamination will adjust to the surface it is adhered to
  • Film Lamination will not work with PVC banners whereas Liquid Lamination is commonly used for PVC banners as flex face signs, Truckside Curtains, Awnings etc 
  • Film Lamination must be applied using professional Film Laminators whereas Liquid Lamination can be used by hand with Hand rollers, spray, Foam Pads or brushes 


           Digital Wallpaper                         

        Vehicle Graphics Liquid Lamination                                    

      In Store Advertising Liquid Lamination 

Film Lamination  Thickness

Film lamination can be used as a very thin 25u – 100u or sometimes more as long as flexibility is not necessary (ie: on a flat wall) 

Liquid Lamination is generally applied with about 61-81u wet and when dry this finished coat is usually between 18 & 25u enabling the suface of textured substrates to still be felt. Overlamination with film laminates looses this characteristic except in some cases 25u or lower film thicknesses still enable some feel of texture. 

Some of the strongest applications for Liquid Lamination are digital wallpapers, wallcoverings, Car wraps, Truckside curtains, Vehicle graphics and Vehicle Livery, Awnings and Inflatable products such as bouncy castles. 

Film Lamination

Kala, One of the only few European manufacturers of Film laminators, has an excellent range of film laminators. What makes them stand out and why we stand behind them as one of the best european and best most reliable producers of film laminators is because they have thought very carefully in all their designs how to make the Lamination process not just easier, but also more productive and with the smallest footprint, lower running costs yet far better built than any other film laminators of its group available in europe. Making the workload, appreciation of the limited skill sometimes by default necessary they have made the film lamination process much easier and guides the lesser skilled operator to success more easily. 

Recently they added to their range their Applikator, the first space saving, compressor free, pressure accurate and consistent laminator of its kind. 

                         click Here to see Kala Applikator Video

Kala Applikator Flatbed film Laminator           



For more information, advice or support for your protective graphic needs, extra longevity or testing and training needs for liquid or film lamination applications please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1252 624411, email:, or visit our website  – Dont forget to contact us on Facebook. 


As well as experts and  global supply and support of liquid lamination protective coatings, Landor UK have also developed and provide coatings systems for print protective coating applications. Our 17 years hands on testing, R&D, supply and support of liquid laminates has enabled us to develop working solutions for all aspects of coating, for the digital imaging market, but our knowledge and expertise enables us to consult, or develope individual applications to meet the increasing needs of our markets for efficient and high performance coating solutions 


UV Curable Coating system

          2m UV Coater  


Roll to Roll UV Coater


  24″ Digital Press UV Coater



For more information, advice or support for your protective graphic needs, extra longevity or testing and training needs for liquid or film lamination applications please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1252 624411, email:, or visit our website  – Dont forget to contact us on Facebook

The ATC UV-60 And UV-80 Liquid Coating Systems

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ATC RTR – Roll To Roll Liquid Laminator

Also Available with Optional Roll To Roll Feauture

ATC UV80 Flatbed Laminator

The ATC coating machines are designed to coat both flexible and rigid substrates up to 3″/7Smm thickness. They feature super sized rollers to assure precise, full width, edge to edge coverage with a speed range from 30 ft.

The ATC UV80 (Left Image)  provides for optional Roll to Roll feature for applications where users need or want the facility to coat flexible material. 

The RTR series (Right Image)  is a dedicated Roll to Roll machine which can be fitted with large production Jumbo Reel Feed and take up system enabling mass coating production facility. Utilising our unique Meyer rod coating bar this ensure perfect coating and even coating on a wide selection of media such as textured media. 













Protecting your inkjet prints from the effects of water, UV, abrasion

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One of the major difficulties with using low cost desktop inkjet printers is that invariably the inks are not adequately or fully resistant to water and sensitive to UV light, or for that matter any effects when desired for a longer period of time. The mixture of water and inks will simply either stain, or disperse the inks especially if you are using a printer that uses dye inks. A lot of inkjet printers that are sold or marketed as pigment inkjet printers often have a combination of dye and pigment inks because the pigments are solids, and as solids they block out the transparency that effectively enables your print colours to be vibrant.

Even today, with the quality of inkjet inks, black especially lacks that extra depth of colour on its own with pure black pigments so the manufacturers, including HP, Epson, Canon enhance the depth by incorporating dye within their pigment inks. Some printer manufacturers also will compromise further as I have found a number of pigment inkjet printers black version is either 100% or to a large degree Dye mixed with pigment

This has been proven time and again when we have tested prints from these printers even when they reportedly claim their inks are pigmented!

Because we offer both water based and solvent inks for artists, photographers, as well as the sign, display and promotions market we know first hand that not all pigment inks are pure pigment. some have greater and lesser degrees of resistance agains water, and chemicals.

The other challenge is that papers are vulnerable to water so the addition of water to the surface of print papers will invariably cause the paper to cockle. So this is where our colourjet inkjet sprays will address the issue when you are not using film. Today there are some stunning films, mainly polyester and polypropolene that can actually print excellent colours and well beyond the quality of a gloss coated paper. Given the choice I would be equally happy with a white polyester film in lieu of a photo gloss or satin paper. And as well as total water resistance it doesn’t tear either.

Our Colourjet sprays are acrylic, and they are 100% successful onto almost any substrate, be it paper, cloth, fabric, films, pvc or board. The single main problem with them is they are acrylic and hence smell quite strongly and so you need to work in a well ventilated area.  But not all sprays are the same either. Some people recommend hairspray, which in my opinion is not giving your print the justice and protection it rightly deserves.

The main reasons for using an inkjet spray is either you need and want added protection for longer term or archival enjoyment of your prints or in some cases outdoors or they will fade over time by the effects of the environment, be it indoors, or outdoors, in a public environment or even in the home where dust, dirst and eventual accumulation of grime will lead to degradation of the ink on the surface. The use of our colourjet sprays will lead to some distinctive changes from the original quality you produced.

Different degrees of exposure to Water, abrasion, dirt, grease and pollution in the air will determine the life and quality of your prints.  Using our colourjet sprays you will find that the best resins, UV inhibitors will protect but also with the choice of gloss, satin or matt equally enhance the vibrancy and depth of your print colours as well as bump them up especially with gloss and Satin.

Water based inks will work very well with most films and plastic or non porous surfaces and is a lot easier. All you need is a paint or varnish roller and as with emulsion paints will self level and dry within about 15 mins. The only disadvantage is that during that drying period dust particles will stick and embed into the surface of the coating.

There are a lot of different sprays and fixatives that will do the job, but if you want a guaranteed bond, quality and longevity of your prints you really do need to make sure your coatings also have UV inhibitors especially if your prints will be displayed, or handled in or near UV light directly or indirectly.

Colourjet only uses the best in acrylic polymer and uv inhibitors and works on virtually any material. If your prints are water resistant, both the inks and the material then you can also use the colourjet water based coatings. Although you will have to hand coat as it is not technically possible to incorporate water based coatings into an aerosol, due viscocity and even coating/spraying with water. It is however possible to use a spray gun with air compression.

For more information or personal guidance as to the best methods, coatings and media compatability do not hesitate to contact us either at or call us on +44 1252 624411



Protecting Your inkjet Prints -Expand the Value and Life of your Digital Prints

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All too often we hear ink and printer manufactures say that digital prints do not require lamination. Sadly this statement is rarely followed up with or related to the individual conditions that the prints will be exposed to.

At Landor Liquid Lamination, we totally understand and respect the financial, time, labour restraints of most digitally printed ink applications and equally the attraction to avoid the need for printed ink protection. We are proud and committed  to offer the right choice that needs to be personal and valuable for the end client, or application. 

The key point is actually the value of the project, and whether its added protection will retain or enhance the value of any project – be it commercial, artistic, domestic or industrial. Digital wall coverings, or surface applied prints will be vulnerable to the traffic and the environment that the prints are exposed to whatever they may be. We therefore recommend that the project value, and its longer term value be equally considered. The time and the cost for the protection of digital prints far outweigh the pain and the cost when a digital print fails. Again it is down to the client. All too often the thought of extra cost is the key topic when in fact the application should be reviewed more to its value and the protection of the asset /Print as well as its desirable, or expected lifespan but also what the level of risk is as well as the potential cost will be if it should be damaged and needs to be replaced.

For a short term interior display, such as an exhibition or a branding event for a few days or a few weeks, and it is definitive that the environment will not adversely affected the printed image,  then the elimination of protection and the cost implications can potentially be justified.

However for longer term and longer life prints, it is essential to balance the merits for and against added protection, and include the longer term value that is the key objective. Whereas you are producing an investment, or an asset for a client, or you are the client, it is the value that needs analysis and thought. We are often asked how long will a print last. This is entirely down to the environment, and the predictable effects that can alter the quality, durability and the longevity of a print. And one must not forget the expectations of both the client, and the producer. 

Often it is the cost that overrides the value of the asset and proposition. If a branding event is taking place outdoors the brand owner simply does not want to compromise their brand presentation, image and reputation. The added cost will always represent the added value of the article, print or asset.

Wallcoverings are rarely protected because it is perceived that no one will touch or scratch the print. But in high traffic areas the quality of the print unprotected will very quickly degrade.   We often get calls for assistance when the longevity or durability of prints have not reached the wish of the client, and fortunately one of the key features of Liquid lamination means that you can even coat and protect your prints after you have installed them as you can do this easily by hand with a roller, or brush or paint pad. 

The key advantage of liquid lamination is its flexibility and its elasticity. This means almost any material can be coated as long as it does not have perforations in them.

The most common and most necessary applications where Liquid Lamination is the sole solution to protecting prints are Outdoor flex face signs, Vehicle graphics including Vehicle wraps, Vehicle Livery, Truckside curtains, Outdoor branding and advertising, indoor wall or surface coverings, inflatable bouncy castles, Retail point of sale advertising and promotions, Public event decoration, advertising and branding, Canvas and fine art prints or archival print requirements – anything anywhere when use and handling or environments are likely to prematurely limit the desired or expected life of a print. As a rule of thumb any given print in any given environment will usually enjoy double the life that it would otherwise last without liquid lamination protection. 

At Landor, we recognise the perceived added cost, labour and time for liquid lamination protection. With over 18 years experience we are pleased and committed to assisting you with the added value and benefit that Liquid Lamination can and will bring your projects. We welcome your call for assistance and will do what we can to reccomend the necessary and essential protection you may need and help you make this a success for your business or your personal needs. 



Starlam Liquid Laminator By Landor Liquid Lamination

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The Starlam 1.6m Liquid Laminator

Protects, Enhances and Extends the life of your Digital Inkjet Prints

All too often, despite the advance, durability and resistance of inkjet inks just do not meet the quality or life span expected on most inkjet Substrates. Although we would all like to reduce one or more processes, the expectation and criteria of the digital print cannot be achieved with some form of protection. Especially when prints are exposed to a more aggressive environment digital prints can be easily still damaged. When production and installs are carried out there is nothing worse than a damaged Print. Public areas, high traffic venues, indoor and outdoor water rain, dirt and pollution can quickly degrade the quality of prints. With the Landor Starlam Liquid laminator you can be certain to achieve the added life and protection your prints need to satisfy need and expectation.

If you have a small project and cannot see the long term need to acquire a liquid laminator, do not hesitate to contact us as we may have a temporary solution where you can rent or try before you buy the Landor Starlam liquid laminator. Even a small job may be sent to our R&D Department where a job as small as 5-10m may be carried out for you. Let us know what projects you have that require added protection and we will see what we can do to meet your needs.  Call us on +44 1252 624411 or email us :  

Extend the life of your inkjet prints

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We regularly get calls and emails from companies and individuals looking to overcome the shortfalls and the limitations of inkjet. 

Whereas the sales person may have informed you that you did not need to laminate or your prints would last longer. This is very subjective, and invariably it is subjective to the sales persons point of view and not yours. It is for this reason you should know more about the solution or the problem before it costs you disappointment or customer or failure you did not expect. 

Inkjet inks are getting better. Every year, every new model, everything is better than the last print model or the last ink series. But ink will always be permeable. it will never be rock proof. It may have some really good scratch resistance and water resistance, even water proof.. However it is also possible that some improvements may also lead to some weakenesses that come along with the improvements. 

Protection against abrasion, the environment; such as heavy traffic areas, abrasion, – outdoors; such as vehicle graphics is what makes it still essential to add protection. This is where Landor Liquid lamination coatings, and its range of liquid laminates will address any of these issues or limitations even with today’s much improved, resilient and generally impressinve inkjet inks. 

The longer you want a print to last the more sense it makes to protect. then consider the what if? – what if some chemical gets onto it? what then?  just that one little coat of protective varnish, – liquid laminate for a digital print would have, and could have protected that print for that much longer. 

For just that little extra – your inkjet prints will withstand the elements and landor liquid lamination – fully tested, proven for over 20 years now will protect. We know because if we do not know we will test and evaluate for you for free. Just send us a sample. But more often than not we know that our liquid lamination coatings, will usually at least double the life of your prints. 

All we need to know from you is the inkjet printer, substrate, ink and general application and we can help you provide what you need for long lasting light fastness, abrasion, chemical and water resistant prints. 

contact us today at or call us on +44 1252 624 411 

How do I get some?

All UK and european Distribution and support is managed by Landor UK Local distribution is managed through our appointed Distributors who Stock Our speciality Products. We are always available to you for all Technical, application advice and pre sales support. We want you to get the best out of our products so we encourage you do contact us. We will be happy to help with Liquid Laminates, Liquid Laminator, Clearjet Inkje sprays and accessories, and related products or if you feel we can bring you added value.

Contact: +44 1204 265266

Liquid Lamination sales or technical enquiries will be answered by our team at landor.

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