Liquid Lamination Coating Services By Landor

Landor Has been in the business of protecting and adding value to the printed image for over 20 years. As the European and UK experts in industry wide application technologies, we now open the doors of our operations centre which includes multiple coating systems and coatings to provide you with the solution and the durability and stability you need for your prints. You are also invited to visit even if it just to learn more and see for yourself how Liquid Lamination coatings can help your business

Landor Uk, Coatings and Lamination division specialise in the application of coating solutions for the protection and decoration of plastic, natural, fabric, wood, and metallic substrates, both in rigid flat structures and in flexible (roll to roll) substrates..  Scratch Resistant, UV resistant, anti Graffiti, and anti microbial  Coatings are applied for both product enhancement, protection  and durability. Needless to say you will usually benefit for twice the otherwise expected life span of your print. 

UV Flatbed Coater

UV Curable Coating

Our UV Curable coatings and coating system is ideal when you have rigid boards that require that extra protection, either as an outdoor panel or print or indoors for Point of sale.

Anti- Graffiti Hoardings is a common requirement for Building site perimetre protection and general promotion and branding

Whether you just want added and double protection of your prints, against the effects of heavy traffic areas, or if you need water, fade, and outdoor protection that needs to last more than others, then we can help you achieve these objectives.

Water Based Protective Coating System

The key advantages of our coatings are that they will provide:-

  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Water and chemical resistance
  • UV Fade Resistance – Double the life of the print
  • Graffiti resist/ washable prints
  • Anti-microbial Coatings For Healthcare & High Touch. Traffic Areas

Available in

Gloss, Satin or Matt & Wallpaper Matt finishes

As well as water based coatings we also have expertise in UV curable, and if needed solvent coatings.

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The choice of coatings that we provide you with, will ensure the added protection, longevity and sustainability, as a minimum of your prints.

In addition to the print protection we can go further with both Anti-Graffit and Anti-microbial surface protection. A summary of some of the most common applications and solutions we can help with are listed below. Also check out our website products and links below:

Digital wallcoverings: Most traditional high quality wallcoverings are treated with a protective coating to give the inks and surface that extra durability and protection over time. With Landor wallpaper matt coatings for neutral matt protection, or satin or gloss for more silk, or gloss look, you can rest assured the life of the digitally printed wall covering will provide you with that added protection.

Canvas Fine Art prints : protect against damage, abrasion, as well as cracking when stretched

Inflatables – Child Play: Bouncy castles, child soft play areas with imagery printed to the different materials is liable to alot of handling, abrasion, water and needs to withstand alot of use and expectation of the end user. Our coating provide that decorative and long lasting stabilitycoat and protection.

Outdoor Flex Face & Rigid Signs: With limited lifespan of the digital ink and substrate when exposed to the outdoor elements, our coatings can safely provided double the life. Against the weather, rain, sun (UV|) as well as the combination of general outdoor effects and pollution, you can be re assured of the Return on investment that large signage, hoardings, corporate Branding or promotions  will provide for giving you usually from 5-7 and more lifespan and enhanced vibrancy.

Inflatables for outdoor Branding or Leisure

Vehicle Graphics: From vehicle stickers, small panels, to full vehicle wraps. From rigid truck sides to truck curtains – Liquid Lamination coatings is an essential solution that is proven and provides the long lasting visual communications meant for every print on a vehicle.

Digital Wallpaper: For publice spaces, home or office, like traditional wallcoverings our protective coatings will provide you with the protection and long life, maintaining high quality image vibrancy and visibility throughout the life of the prints.

Anti- Graffiti: Should your graphics be susceptible to graffiti in public places, in shools or outdoor application, our special formulation will ensure the removal and washability of almost any paint or inks

Corporate Signage: Long term outdoor corporate signs, promotions, and advertising will take the effects of rain, wind, sun, pollution often reducing the anticipated life of important visual communications. Our coatings will usually at least double the life of the prints outdoors, and prevent premature replacement

Anti-Microbial: For Health care, care homes and high traffic touch areas such as supermarkets, train, plane and transporation sites, our coatings will prevent the potential threat of MRSA and E-Coli and other bacteria from spreading throughout the life of the Print. Certified to ISO 22196

Public Venues: Heavy traffic, public places are often subject to alot more wear and abrasion especially in areas such as staircases, walkways and general meeting or sitting areas. Given the dirt, dust and risk involved for your asset value in deteriating, liquid lamination coatings by Landor will help you obtain the life span and sustainability to avoid premature removal or replacement.

For more information, or to discuss your individual application, ink and substrates and how Landor Liquid Lamination can help you, please get in touch by calling us on +44 1252 624 411 or email us at

For larger projects – Dont hesitate to ask us about Coating systems rentals or Contract coating bespoke to your needs.

Liquid Lamination Coating Services