Liquid Lamination

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Eco Friendly solution to protect your print assets, extend their life, and prevent premature degradation 

Landor Liquid Lamination Protective Coatings (also well known as liquid Laminates and clear coatings) are the most flexible and efficient way to protect virtually all forms of printed graphics from Fine Art & photographic prints, printed signs and graphics to banners, awnings, vehicle livery and wraps as well as truck curtains and curtain sides.

No specialised capital equipment is needed to produce a digitally protected print with Landor Liquid Lamination. By hand roller, foam pad, spray, or machine our clear coatings provide added UV protection and flexibility where film lamination is not adequate, or compatible.. All our coatings have a UV inhibitor to guarantee the extended life of a digital print where otherwise life span of the print would be more limited. As well as Archival protection Landor Liquid Lamination protective coatings also provide added protection against abrasion and chemical resistance, providing greater stability and reliability in public, and heavy traffic areas, indoors or outdoors as well as when or if exposed to water, sun, pollution and abrasion. These environment and effects would otherwise limit quite specifically the life of a non protected digital print. The Elasticity of Landor Liquid Lamination protective coatings ensures conformity to most flexible and sensitive products and so is the universal and trusted method when used with PVC, fabrics, polyester, cotton, polypropylene, metal, wood and plastic rigid products alike. Shrinkage and stretching of printed substrates often cause de-lamination particularly when and where film products are used. Landor Liquid Lamination Protective Coatings will provide the certainty of longer life and durability without delamination or bubbling which often occurs with film laminates.

Common applications include (indoors and outdoors) – Flex Face signage, vehicle wraps, wall and surface coverings, hoardings, public transportation, public venues and event management. Fine Art and Giclee archival print protection of canvas is very popular, as are modern day wallpaper applications and Point of sale retail advertising and display premises.

Landor test and approve a wide range of printers, ink sets and substrates to ensure satisfaction and success when using our range of Liquid Lamination protective coatings. Some of our coatings are also used as primers to provide added print enhancement and sustainability of print surfaces where digital ink performance is limited or does not meet customer or project quality and durability needs.

  • Banners
  • Wall Coverings
  • Billboard
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Fine Art
  • Inflatables, bouncy Castles, and Child Soft Play 
  • Truck Side Curtains

ClearShield is your first choice for all non-water-sensitive applications.  ClearShield  has been developed using state-of-the-art resins and ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the substrate, ink, and the clear coating itself. These non-yellowing clear coatings have excellent exterior durability and are highly flexible.

Use ClearShield on most substrates, including waterproof canvas, vinyl, banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, and paper. You can apply it over solvent-based inks and other non water sensitive ink and media combinations. ClearShield is available in several versions.

Clearjet is your best choice when using either water sensitive inkjet prints, or when you want to protect quickly and easily (no mess, Clean up) inkjet paper prints. Clearjet can however also be used with most films, canvas and other similar films. It is the most universal inkjet print protector and is your only choice if using dye based inks. Pigmented inks, as long as they are water resistant and the (non paper) printed material itself is also water resistant can be used also with Clearshield 

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Eco Friendly solution to protect your print assets, extend their life, and prevent premature degradation