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Landor’s Anti-Graffiti coating is a highly flexible, water, Chemical and UV resistant Liquid Laminate, easily cleaned with solvent or Landor’s’ non-petroleum citrus based cleaner. Most solvent based Graffiti paints can be simply cleaned without damage to the protective laminate surface.

Landor Anti-Graffiti coating is a Single component Water Based Coating, as well as a clear overcoat liquid laminate,  and provides excellent water & chemical resistance, UV protection as well as Graffiti resistance.  Due to its enhanced Anti-Graffiti (solvent Paint washable) characteristics it is not suitable for additional Coats. Landor Anti-Graffiti is ideal for areas where the risk of damage from graffiti attacks using solvent and Acrylic sprays, paints, and marker pens  but cannot be assured for every type of modern paints or inks.


Landor Liquid Laminates may be necessary as a primer, for enhanced adhesion to the graphic, when applying Landor anti graffiti coatings, especially UV inks. The anti graffiti coated surface may be cleaned with a range of solvents. (No effect was shown on a 10 minute spot test done with the following chemicals: Acetone, Toluene, Gasoline, Ammonia (5%) as well as withstanding 200+ double rubs of MEK ) or the Landor citrus-based graffiti remover. Our Anti graffiti remover allows a quick, removal of graffiti.

Landor Anti-Graffiti Liquid Laminate is available in Gloss. However, if a more subtle finish is required, it is possible to apply our Matt protective coating prior to applying our Anti graffiti coating.

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