Child Play, Bouncy Castle & Inflatable Leisure Products


Bouncy castles, inflatables of all sizes and types as well as soft child play materials experience alot of exposure to the elements. Water and chemical, abrasion as well as UV light, and a combination of these make them vulnerable to a shorter life span then desired and need specialist attention as well as protection 

Landor’ distributes and develops coatings for the added protection of the printed image, frequently known as liquid lamination or digital varnish. 

We have optimised our coatings and in some cases we have special additives also available to provide even further protection for the use and handling of bouncy castles, child play and commercial inflatables used for branding and promotional purpose


Landor protective coating liquid laminates have been tested and optimised to provide added protection for the inflatable and soft play leisure industry. 

With harsh environments and handling it is important that the digital image is protected against all the elements. 

First you need to be sure of an excellent adhesion and bonding of the coating to the printed image. (you must also have excellent ink adhesion to the material). With this achieved you can safely know that Landor coatings will protect your inflatable bouncy castles and soft play material from abrasion, water, chemical and preserve the quality and visual graphics on the material. 

We reccommend you always use Gloss finish for the best overall protection as well as scratch resistance

Landor 1.6m Coater

Coating by hand or by machine is both efficient and eco friendly

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