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Main applications of Liquid Lamination


Landor Anti-Graffiti Liquid Laminate protective coatings Protects your prints & allows you to remove graffiti quickly and effortlessly without damaging the surface. Inks and substrates are preserved!. Easy to apply and use,  We have now made this availabe as an anti-graffiti liquid lamination starter kit  -Or get in touch for more advice and support!


ISO 22186 certified coatings that instantly kills and prevents the transmission of bacteria.

Now printed surfaces, or surface with Printed images can now protect and preserve the safety of everyone in high touch or heavy traffic areas.

Transform high risk areas into artworks!


Extend the life and protect your fine art and canvas reproductions and giclee limited editions with Landor Liquid Lamination. Easy to apply yourself, you can now test youself with our liquid lamination starter kit for canvas which has everything you need to start protecting them.


Landor Wallpaper Matte Liquid Laminate is designed for digital wallcoverings including our unique no residue Phototex Self adhesive fabric.  Recommended and used by most installers and manufacturers, backed by our 20 year expertise and Technical support.Wallpapers  are protected once hung from the risks and effects of water, chemical, abrasion and UV fade. 


Every public building, retail outlet experiences alot of heavy people traffic every day. With this comes a great deal of pollution, dust, dirt and abrasion. From a handbag to a briefcase, the occasional scuff of such items will degrade your prints. Landor coatings will not only prevent the premature damage and potential replacement but ensure the long term success of anything from interior decoration to branding, promotion or advertising through visual communications 


The Landor Transit grade Gloss liquid Laminate coatings are designed specifically to protect vehicle wraps and vehicle livery graphics from the damaging effects of everyday use and mobility, including abrasion, chemical exposure, and water exposure. These coatings are highly elastic, allowing them to flex, bend and adapt continuously with the vehicle’s surface, as well as providing added protection against premature fading of the printed digital inks due to UV exposure.


Corporate signage is the brand owners image as well as advertising or branding communique. The outdoor climate, combining water, pollution, nature, sun and humidity  all contribute to the premature degradation of digital prints. With Landor coatings you can expect to at least double the protection of your outdoor prints. 


Bouncy Castles and Child play areas all use digital print now to enhance the offering within the leisure industry. Common limitations of digital inks require some form of protection and layer to separate the inks and substrate from the effects of heavy use and handling. Our coatings continue to provide that essential protection against the effects of moisture, abrasion, folding and transportation. 


For over 20 years now we provide the truck market with the support and solutions to enhance vehicle livery with full colour truckside curtains or vehicle graphics. Our added chemical resistance and UV protected coating laminates are essential when using truck curtains, or truckside with digital print 

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Liquid Laminate - Roll with it

Protecting Graphics in All Environments

Landor Liquid Lamination is an exclusive range of high performance and durable state-of-the-art finishing products. They provide essential protection as a digital varnish, digital lacquer or liquid laminate as well as a resilient digital coating.

It can also provide an even topcoat or primer that preserves prints indefinitely as well as increasing the image quality and vibrancy, adding abrasion resistance and providing added UV protection.

Extend the Life of Your Banner through Liquid Laminate Coating

By their very nature, banners are not designed to be particularly long lasting. There are better and more durable materials available if you want something that stay looking good for many years. However, that isn’t to say you don’t want your banner in place for a reasonable amount of time. But how do you keep it looking good for as long as you need it?

Once your banner is up, it becomes really hard to maintain. It is out there in the wind, rain, heat and sunlight and there is very little you can do other than to watch it slowly deteriorate until you have little choice but to replace it.

Laminating it can certainly help with its durability, but a flexible banner is not the easiest material to protect with a traditional dry laminate film. However, using an easy to apply liquid laminate coating provides a host of benefits that will ensure your banners can stay looking as good as new for much, much longer.

A liquid laminate coating can either be applied manually using a simple roller, or you could use a specialist machine that would provide a more even finish to larger banners.

Coating by Hand - dries in 10-15 minutes
Easy to apply coating
Preserve & Protect your artworks


The best practice does depend on the application, for example a canvas would be treated differently to a truck curtain side. For more delicate applications like canvas, photographic and other inkjet prints, we would recommend using a soft cloth or sponge dipped in a solution of warm water and mild detergent. It is best to avoid any chemicals with Alcohol or alcohol based. Cleaning products for babies give good results due to their mild nature.

Truck curtain sides should be frequently cleaned otherwise dirt will build up. There is a temptation to use abrasive scrubbing or solutions containing alcohol to remove the dirt which could compromise the Liquid Lamination coating and create a porous surface allowing dirt to build up easier afterwards.

Our UV Coating Series can usually meet all the criteria for a perfect Liquid Laminate for UV ink prints (it’s not just for truck curtains!). But all inks and substrates are not alike, so it is necessary to test for compatibility, At Landor we make that easier for you as our experience is here to support and share with you so we recommend you check with us first. Most of our coatings work as a single apply application, However in some cases you may need to use one of our coatings that also can also be used a Digital Primer. For example – if you want an anti graffiti protection for UV printed work, you may need to apply one of our coatings as a ‘pre-coat’/digital primer- prior to applying our anti graffiti coating. We are happy to work and test with you to get the best versatile, and reliable coating possible

For HVLP guns the pressure we recommend is 30 PSI at the gun. The ideal tip size should be 1.3 mm but you can use up to 1.6 mm. If you wish to thin this coating you can thin up to a very maximum of 10% but we reccomend you test first in increments of 2-3% at a time. Note:- The more you thin down the lesser the gloss level and quality of protection from our Original formulation which is specially set to be as universal and the best in user experience as well as protection
The only size restriction you will have is with a Liquid Lamination Machine. We provide as standard 1.6m, and 3.3m Liquid laminators but 5m Liquid Laminators may be produced to special order. For Superwide banners you can hand coat for as large as you can either layout on the floor or hang from a wall. As hand operation is possible with Hand rollers, Paint Pads, brush and Spray.

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Extend the Life of Your Banner through Liquid Laminate Coating