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Adding Value & Protection to your Prints

Eco Friendly & Sustainable Print Protection

Landor 1.6m Coater
Landor Water based Roll to roll Coating system

Combining more than 25 years experience and development of constantly changing ink technologies we are well place to enhance, protect and extend the lightfastness of your Print Assets 


Burkle UV Curable Flatbed Coating systems

Water based Print protection

Our water based coating systems are available in both 1.6m and 3.3m widths to purchase or to rent for projects. In addition we can undertake projects to suit your needs and requirements.

This effective and eco friendly method allows you to add an extra layer of protection and durability to your valuable prints either for the protection against water, chemical, abrasion, premature uv fade  all of which can double the life of your prints

UV Curable Rigid & Flexible Print Protection

UV curable coatings and systems enable that extra layer of protection for the extended life and durability of boards and is particularly relevant for the durability and life span of prints in the outdoors. From external hoardings and interior point of sale, public retail and transportation applications our UV curable coatings will ensure the life span and longevity of your prints. 

Anti-graffiti and anti-microbial protection is an additional protection available for our coating systems and services. 

Protection of Inflatable Bouncy Castles
Anti-MicrobialPrint & High Touch Protection
Coating by Hand
Soft Play Print Protection
Protection of Outdoor Signage
Truckside and Truck Curtain Protection

Landor Liquid Lamination
Provides its own in House Expertise to help you protect, preserve and extend the value of your prints

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