Liquid Lamination Machines

The Landor Liquid Lamination range of Coating machines protects and enhances photographic  prints up to 3.3m wide prints. Production sized machines start with the Landor and Marabu range of Waterbased coaters. The  Starlam 1600R and the Landor Liquid Lamination Coater range, are suitable as well as essential for the protection of long run prints, optimising on productivity and efficiency as well as quality and sustainability for the printed image available from  1.6m, to 3.3m. width.These Machines operate with Water based coatings (LFP Waterbased Series)

UV curing liquid protective coatings and Primers are applied with the Bürkle Liquid Lamination range (LFP UV Series). Choose from the Bürkle LFC 1300 at 1300mm working width, Bürkle LFC 1600 for liquid coating up to 1600mm and the wide 2.1m machine the Bürkle LFC 2100 at 2.1 meters, for priming and coating panels for printing and liquid laminating rigid and flexible substrates. Whether it is a Matte or High Gloss finish or  Anti-graffiti protection you are looking for, we provide the Liquid Lamination Machines, Liquid Coatings, Primers and support that is needed for enhancement, durability of digital prints.

Liquid Lamination and Liquid Coating Machines provide a highly productive, low cost and low waste method of coating, protection and enhancement of your prints. Contact Landor today for impartial advice on what is right for you.



Landor 1.6m Coater

Landor Liquid Laminators

 Water Based Roll to Roll 

The range of Landor Liquid Lamination Machines offer exceptional value for money and added profitability to your business. They are designed for wide format, roll to roll production. Enhancement and protection of  your images is achieved with these machines by applying Landor/Clearshield Liquid Laminates; Protecting and enhancing solvent, eco-solvent, Latex, Water based Pigmented and most types of UV inkjet prints.

Find out more about each of the Landor Liquid Lamination Machines:



Burkle UV Curable Coater

The Burkle Liquid Laminator is a UV Curable Flatbed coating system with the additional option of roll to roll. Suitable for most digital prints

Available in 1.6m and 2m widths

Burkle UV Coater

Landor ATC UV80 Coating System

The UV80 is a UV curable coating system aimed to coat and protect rigid boards but also has an optional roll to roll system for flexible materials. 

Coating speed and capacity is very fast, as well as a very tough and rigid protection as needed for rigid materials. Softer coatings are available for the optional roll to roll materials

UV80 Coater

Landor UV80 Coater

UV Curable Coater

Landor ATC UV80 is a UV curable coating system for Rigid materials,  with the option of a roll to roll system for flexible materials. 

UV Curable coatings will provide much added protection as well as enhance the images and protect the inks from premature damage or degradation