Anti-Microbial Coatings

Additional protection for High traffic, Public, and Healthcare Venues

Landor’s range of Liquid Lamination products are designed to double the life of your prints, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas, indoor decoration, vehicle graphics, car wraps, external signs, truck curtains, and more.

Our Safe touch Liquid Lamination coatings go that much further than just protecting the prints. Now you can be sure that no matter how much high traffic passes through your premises, that  your printed surfaces, walls or furniture, as well as your advertising print material  will be entirely free from the risk of bcterial contamination for the life of the print or surfaces.

Landor Anti-microbial  coatings are all certified to ISO 22196

our Anti-Microbial Coatings and liquid laminates  have been tested and certified by independant lab tests,  that certifies efficacy of over 99% for all our coatings: colourshield Gloss, satin, Matt, wallpaper matt.  This will last the life of the prints! This assurance will bring you, your customers, your users, visitors alike,  the assurance of anti-microbial protection wherever you have applied our anti-microbial coatings. Instand protection is guaranteed.

Applications and environments that can benefit the most from our anti-microbial protective liquid lamination coatings are high traffic areas, Health care, (Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospice etc), Train, planes, stations, airports, – Hand rails, door push plates, tables, counters, chairs, pillars, notices, wall coverings, posters, warning signs to mention just a few.

Branding and Promotion surfaces that protect the public

No matter where your surfaces are, they can serve a decorative, commercial, advertising, or promotional purpose while also promoting public health, thereby reducing the risk of dangerous bacterial transmission. Consider the constant handling of high-touch surfaces like doors, handles, tables, and staircases in heavily trafficked areas. With Landor’s anti-microbial coatings, you can enhance your brand with decorative or promotional images while also protecting those surfaces and promoting the safety and well-being of everyone who touches them. These coatings offer a dual benefit of longevity and protection for your images and safeguarding the people who frequent these spaces

Anti microbial coating is a surface covering containing an active ingredient that makes it effective against bacterial and fungal growth.

Promoting your brand and enhancing the aesthetics of high-traffic areas can be incredibly rewarding. With Landor’s own Phototex repositionable fabric pre-coated with Landor’s anti-microbial coatings, you can easily apply, remove, wash, clean, and even reuse these materials in these spaces. Alternatively, you can apply the coating yourself with the knowledge that it offers protection against bacterial transmission. These coatings provide peace of mind and allow you to make a lasting impression on those who frequent these busy areas

It’s easy to overlook the fact that bacteria can easily spread from one person to another, particularly in high-traffic public spaces like airports, hospitals, and other buildings. That’s why it’s important to consider the benefits of using Landor’s anti-microbial liquid lamination coatings. By protecting not just printed materials but also the people using these facilities, these coatings provide an added layer of protection against the spread of harmful bacteria.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly clear that public wellbeing is of utmost importance, particularly with the heightened risk of virus transmission. One significant danger lies in the spread of bacteria, particularly in healthcare settings where vulnerable patients are at risk. Fortunately, protecting against such transmission is easy through the use of anti-microbial coatings and liquid laminates. Not only do these materials safeguard printed images, but they also promote patient safety and wellbeing.

Landor and its range of Liquid lamination products can double the life of your prints, Whether this is in heavy traffic areas, indoors decoration, vehicle graphics, car wraps, external signs, or truck curtains, our liquid laminates will ensure the extended life and sustainability of your prints and the wellbeing of the people with whom the prints and imaging may come into contact with

We will be more than happy to provide you with a sample print with the coatings of your choice, or send us your artwork and we will do it for you! For larger projects you may wish to speak to us about our own developed liquid laminators that can coat efficiently or put you in touch with one of our Phototex print or Liquid lamination print centres.

You can also see our case study with RadWraps using Landor Phototex and Landor anti microbial coatings here

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