Vinyl Application Fluids

Application Fluids & Adhesive Removers

Landor Liquid Application fluids and Adhesive removers provide much improved quality, time saving, ease and perfection when Installing Graphics to Surfaces as well as removing hard to clean Adhesive from Surfaces

Application Fluids – ActionTac,  Splash and Window Juice.

  • ActionTac – is a ready to use vinyl application fluid for applying pressure sensitive vinyl,  decals and other adhesive films to most surfaces.
    • A great preparation and cleaning agent
    • One product – works for all grades of vinyl
    • Will not cause any damage to transfer tape or cause separation
    • Less clean-up & less residue
    • No harmful odors
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  • Splash – Concentrated Splash is the most cost effective application fluid on the market.
    • Wets the surface allowing you to slide the graphics into place
    • Great when working with large graphics
    • Promotes faster adhesion
    • 60cc. makes approximately one litre of vinyl application solution
  • Window Juice – A window application fluid, especially adapted for Glass Surfaces, – designed specifically to allow users more time for easy re positioning.
    • For use with pressure sensitive vinyl graphics, decals and most adhesive films.
    • Eliminates bubbles and wrinkles, providing a crease free result.
    • Works in extreme weather conditions cold or hot, dry or warm
    • Fast, simple, clean application
    • User-friendly, safe, and easy to use

Adhesive Remover – Grafix Gone.

  • Grafix Gone – Softens adhesive residue within 90 seconds for easy removal.
    • Great for removing old paper sheeting from plastics
    • Will not damage most plastics
    • Will not harm latex paint
    • No extra cleanup after removing adhesive residue