When Quality Matters – Phototex is the Artists’ Choice

Around the Table by Loreal Prystaj Around the Table is an art exhibition running from 7th May until 26th June at Islington No. 20 Arts. Renowned photography artist, Loreal Prystaj, has created her installation in this exhibition using Phototex – and she LOVES it.  

Setting up for Loreal Prystaj’s New Exhibition at Islington No. 20   Renowned London-based American artist, Loreal Prystaj, is using Phototex self-adhesive fabric as a key component in her new and unique art installation, which will open May 6th, in Islington at No.20 Arts. The installation is an immersive kitchen space where Prystaj invites the viewer to consume and be consumed by its sights, scents, and sounds.

“What I Love About Phototex…”

“As I was developing this piece, I knew that Phototex was the material I needed for the wall covering,” says Loreal, who first used this fully recyclable, self-adhesive fabric over a year ago for her degree show at the Royal College of Art (2019). “Phototex was like nothing I had used before. It is very easy to apply, remove and then reapply. This is so important to me as it is hugely frustrating to work with products that are tricky to install and allow no margin for trial and error. What I love about Phototex is that I can quickly remove bubbles and creases and if it has been installed slightly crooked, it is very easy to remove and replace exactly as I want it.”

“It’s so easy to apply”   She adds, “Phototex is really strong and doesn’t tear like actual wallpapers or stretch like most vinyls. As a photographer who relies 100% on photorealistic reproduction, this is absolutely vital and a key reason why Phototex is so important to my work.” Phototex has a receptive coating that enables hugely detailed inkjet printing and produces vibrant and striking finished images. The unique, patented adhesive allows for fast, easy application and it can be removed and re-applied and never leaves any residue or damages the surface.

“As an artist, I want to use products that maximise the impact of my work”

Loreal concludes, “I am very thankful to Landor UK for helping me with this project. As an artist, I want to use products that maximise the impact of my work, but this is not always possible because of budget and availability. Landor has been so helpful in making this material accessible and affordable for me, which I believe is vital to the success of this installation! I am really looking forward to having my work as part of a physical show— after a year where exhibitions were online and artworks seen through a screen—I am excited to invite people to come and enjoy the installation.”