Vehicle Wrapping the Sustainable Method with Landor Liquid Lamination

Liquid Lamination and the Environmental Advantages for Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle advertising and branding, has become a very popular choice, especially given its relative ease of installation and promotional and branding benefits. This has also made it an affordable solution. 

Traditional vinyl wraps rely on Cast PVC films with solvent-based adhesive, which requires a compatible Cast overlaminate film to protect it. This in turn enhances as well as protects and provides necessary durability and helps resist damage from day to day wear and tear, weather, abrasion that would otherwise destroy or damage the printed film.    

Film laminates are a popular method for protecting the printed image when risk or environment will damage would occur without using them as a protective layer.

Cast films are expensive, since you are working with a premium film that needs to be ultra flexible and conformable for the vehicle. The temptation to downgrade to lower grade film to save money is common place among vehicle wrappers. Combining their expertise with wrapping films comes their ability and temptation to save money by  working with lower grade similarly compatable materials, quite understandably. Polymeric pvc films are a typical choice of alternative.   

All PVC films come with an environmental disadvantage despite their pleasing effects and affordability to producing widely effective and impactful graphics. 

Liquid Lamination provides an eco-friendly alternative to cast overlaminate PVC rducing the environmental impact. Liquid Laminates are very flexible and elastic and work very will with any type of printed, flexible wrapping film. 

One of the unique features of liquid lamination is its ability to protect and extend the life of pvc banners, where film lamination simply will not work, and is impossible to use.  This is why almost all external pvc flex face films, truck curtains, bouncy castles and other vehicle grades of printed pvc materials are protected using liquid lamination. 


Landor 1.6m Coater
Today is an excellent time to invest in both the technical benefits as well as the eco friendly benefits of Liquid Lamination. However for smaller jobs you really do not need a liquid laminator. You can protect your printed images with a hand roller, spray equipment, paint pad or specialist brushes. 

Since most print houses invariably need to protect flexible or figid materials, they will  usually already own a film laminator. So it is understandable why they will usually use film as their method of print protection. But Film lamination has its disadvantages, and one of them is they do not work welll on textured surfaces and they add figidity to the substrates they are mounted onto.

Clearly, one of the driving factors that contribute to the hesitancy towards liquid laminate vehicle wraps is the initial investment required for coating equipment and training/operator confidence.

However, the proven solution and eco friendly benefits of liquid lamination should drive more producers to using liquid lamination in the next few years. 

Coating is an efficient, productive and profitable add on for not just vehicle wraps but for the extended life and protection of the printed image generally.  Whilst you do not need to invest in a liquid laminator, to coat large runs will be more productive and cost effective with the investment of a liqiudi lamination coater. 

In today’s eco  friendly concious workplace, the use of liquid lamination instead of cast film, is another step in reducing the use of PVC, and eliminates the use of VOC.   

Liquid lamination offers elasticity, flexibility and softness to flexible media that film lamination cannot offer. The touch and feel of textured materials, remains unchanged, and liquid lamination coats fabrics and textured materials equally well as smooth materials.  Our water based coating technology also provides added UV resistance,  

In conclusion, liquid laminate vehicle wraps represent a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility while minimizing their environmental impact. With its superior durability, ease of operation, by hand or machine, and its reduced environmental footprint, liquid laminates offer a win-win solution and advantages that film lamination cannot offer. Evenrigid materials benefit from liquid lamination over film laminates, especially uv printed substrates. 

So, the next time you hit the road, consider the environmental advantages of liquid laminate vehicle wraps – because sustainability drives success.

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