UV Coater For Sale

UV Curable coating system 

Ex-Demo : 2m Coater

Eco Friendly & Sustainable Coating 

that adds impressive protection 

and durability to your printed images 

2m UV Coating System

2m wide UV Coating system with all available extras and top specification including Roll to Roll, Automated height selection with  screen controller and automatic take up 

Our UV Coater for sale is  a 2m wide R&D coater that we offer for sale as EX demo System. Transform your prints and image finishing process to Eco-Friendly Coating for both Rigid and flexible materials.  Complete with 3 coating tanks, interchangeable and automated choice of finishes and cleaning 

We are Delighted to offer for imediate purchase or lease, Our 2.m liquid lamination system  that has been used for our R&D testing purposes

This system has a number of unique functions including a 3 tank system plus white option coating tank system. This allows you to switch between two clear coats and cleaning/flushing systems, as well as offering a virtual hands free cleaniing system 

The UV 80 operates with 2 x 36” UV lamps and UV curing conveyor system and is semi automated for height adjustments and ease of operator handling 

This UV curable 80′ (2m) coating system is a proven efficient and eco friendly system providing added protection of your printed images and substrates 

Frequently, your printed inkjet boards and panels, although high quality and durable in themselves, need that extra protection depending on the environment in which they are placed. 

Whether your printed substrates are indoors or outdoors, in high or low traffic flow they can still be affected by unexpected effects and degradation such as abrasion, UV fade, water or chemical. 

UV curing technology is both efficient and cost effective and replaces films with greater sustainability and is more acceptable for the environment. 

UV Curable coatings are recognised as the eco freindly as well as technical solution that overcomes multiple shortcomings when using films. 

Coating boards can  be very time consuming as well as technically problematic.UV curable coatings systems are capable of coating anything up to 30 metres per minute. 

Foamex, Dibond, fluted boards are common solutions where added protection and durability are required, whether for the outdoors or for a longer life in retail and high traffic areas. 

Gloss, satin or matt finishes can be used, together with our additional choices of anti-graffiti,  external outdoor displays that are vulnerable to premature fade or abrasion/chemical degradation. We also  have ISO 22196 certified coatings as well as dry wipe coatings. 

Optional white or colour coatings are also available for use in this coater, with  its optional extra white coating tanks and tube system


Our Services

UV Curable Coating

We supply, distribute and develop ongoing, coating and priming solutions for the printed image using UV curing technology

Liquid Lamination

We are the longest established and largest distributor, developer of inkjet protective coatings in the UK

Water Based Coaters

We develop, distribute and support water based liquid lamination systems for protecting inkjet printed images

Phototex Self adhesive Fabric

We are the UK and european distributor of Phototex.
You will never experience residue, wall or surface damage when you use Phototex repositionable fabric

Landor 1.6m Coater

About Us

Landor was founded by Derric Landor to provide innovative materials and finished products in the visual communications industry 

Having worked with a multitude of wide format printers, distributed and supported all inkjet technologies we evolved from the materials range to develop and support customers with durable, sustainable and eco-friendly materials and solutions. Today Landor is the Sole uk distributor of Phototex peel and stick adhesive fabric that never leaves residue or damage to walls when removed. 

Liquid lamination is very much part of our support and development to ensuring a longer life for the printed image. We distribute but also develop coating laminates and coating systems from 1.6m to 3.3m wide. 

Our business continues to do what it can to provide durable, impresssive printed graphics to the visual communications, art and  photographic sectors


Why Choose Us

We have spent over 20 years working with, evolving and developing liquid lamination coatings for the inkjet print market. 

Today more than ever we should all be using more coatings and less pvc laminates. Liquid lamination is one way to start 

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

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