3.3m Water Based Coater

1.6m Roll to roll coater that will coat up to 180 m2 per hour.

Eco friendly, efficient and consistent, our coatings will assist you in achieving up to double the life of your prints

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Inkjet prints are well advanced and durable and in themselves quite long lasting. However, external elements, heavy traffic areas, water, chemicals, pollution and the effects of UV light to fade inks can have a degrading effect for the artworks. Not just outdoors but also in heavy traffic areas. In some cases, handling and transportation can also add to the detrimental effect of the artwork prematurely and disappoint or let down the brand or the visual communications desired.  

For larger and wider projects it is essential that your investments and your clients expectations are maintained. Coating by hand is one option but if you are providing alot of different projects or providing solutions to multiple sites and locations, then our 1.6m coater will reduce your time and labour costs as well as reduce your space and coatings needed to provide the extended life and protection to your prints. 

For smaller projects and for less frequent applications it is not necessary to invest in capital equipment. You can buy as you earn with the ease of coating by hand roller, spray or paint pad.  By the litre, 5l or with our aerosol sprays 

Hand coating is quick, efficient, eco friendly and adds as much as double the life of the print. 

Preserve and protect your images from the effects of water, chemical, pollution, UV fade and abrasion especially in high traffic areas. 

Maybe you would like to rent our coaters for a project? just let us know and we will help you add increased vibrancy and value to your printed projects and applications. 

You can Rent, lease or buy our liquid 3.3m laminators from £25 per day!