Inkjet Spray Fixative Coatings

Inkjet spray is the easiest and fastest method of protecting your inkjet prints. It’s finished look will also enhance and extend the life of your prints.

Whereas inkjet inks produce great results today on a variety of different materials such as paper, film, canvas and textiles, the majority of desktop prints really need protection if you want them to last.

Most desktop inkjet printers, unless specialist photo or industrial, still use dye inks which will have a very limited life.

Photo papers & coated papers are naturally sensitive to water so it is necessary to use solvent based coatings. This will however guarantee essential flexible protection, providing water resistance , abrasion resistance and UV light resistance. These are the main elements that cause print damage and premature degradation.

Textured surfaces retain their aesthetic feel and look, when using our inkjet sprays due to the flexibility of our coatings.

Our advanced resins, UV absorbers, and binders ensure that water, abrasion, and UV light will not prematurely degrade your print quality, or the print material. Usually you can expect to attain at least twice the life of your print using our inkjet sprays.

You can choose between Landor liquid laminates -inkjet spray coating protection in gloss or Matt finish.

For canvas and fabrics we also offer a special formulation ( Fine Art inkjet spray). For larger projects you can also purchase the coating and either brush, roll, or use industrial spray equipment.

It should take no more than 15-25 mins for our spray coatings to dry in ambient work conditions.

Solvent sprays do need to be used in a well aired clean room, or area ideally with good air circulation.

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