Extend the life of Your PVC Banner Inkjet Prints

Not all prints require protection. or not quite like you thought? – as it happens, the low cost of a print today, combined with the simplicity now of the technology makes for a large choice and ease of selection, needless to say also a low cost and affordable. New technology is lower cost but no matter how advanced the technology, long lasting prints generally need some protection for extended existance, use or durability.

Traditional protection of course is film lamination. This does a pretty good job to protect almost any print, and the film technology itself has also advanced quite well. but one of the few substrates where film lamination simply will not work, is pvc banner. Here the only answer is liquid lamination. Using liquid laminate as a medium for protecting and extending the life of your prints really cannot be that much simpler either. No lamination equipment is needed. No capital outlay. Starting with a hand roller, you can simply roller coat onto the surface of your print, a clear coat and you can now expect to at least double the lfie of your print. Its as easy as painting a wall with emulsion. Self levelling liquid laminate, which acts as a digital varnish will protect your prints from anything from pollution, water to chemical reactions from industrial chemicals, rain, abrasion and uv light that can prematurely fade your prints.

Landor Liquid Lamination coating technology has been protecting inkjet prints for over 20 years now. Its simple to use. Even if you do not want to hand roller, you can use a brush. paint pad, or even spray equipment. If the work and demand for longer lasting prints increase then you can look into using automated equipment like the LANDOR advanced inkjet coaters. 

Selection of gloss, satin or matt finish is also possible. The more gloss the greater the enhancement of the image. But you will certainly be able to double the life of a pvc print when protected with a Landor Liquid Lamination coating.  Remember this added protection relates to the life of an otherwise un protected banner. 

If you would like more information please contact Landor UK Ltd,  info@landoruk.com or tel +44 1252 624 411