Consider liquid lamination for your substrates

It’s all very well printing huge coverings and colourful tension systems, but how do you keep them durable and looking good for longer? In today’s market, while inks have vastly improved, many brands also want a finished solution that is sustainable, lasts a long time, and is lightfast. This is the complete solution that many brands are looking for.

Fading on the above image compared to the image on the left is typical of what can happen to unprotected images outdoors

Whether printing onto PVC, fabric, banners and certainly when printing outdoors, one way to keep your inks and substrates in pristine condition and durable enough for the long term is a little touch of liquid lamination. This can be achieved with no special machinery or equipment. For many sign companies, this is a situation that you can address this right now for every graphically printed sign. Simply using hand rollers, sprays or paint pads on a wall, or a floor, or a table can pretty much double the life of your print.

However much you are spending to print and install that sign, a touch of liquid laminate is a great investment and will help meet your customers’ value and expectations. It will also save you from having to replace those signs that just didn’t quite make it!

Liquid lamination is one of the easiest possible ways to increase the value of your assets or your customers. You can double the life of the print outdoors, but if the sign remains up while the image ages badly, the fade and deterioration will negatively affect the brand and possibly your reputation.

Below: Liquid lamination can preserve the colour vibrancy and durability of your prints for much longer than non-coated materials