Colourshield Safetouch Coatings with Anti-microbial protection

Colourshield safetouch is an anti microbial, protective clear coating that kills any microbes that come into contact with it. Instead of potentially growing, this is prevented by the integrated protection colourshield Safetouch offers through its testing which is certified to the ISO 22196 standard. When microbes meet the coatings, the cell wall of the microbes is disrupted. The result is clear coated surface providing constant and added protection against the spread of microbial contamination

Protect your surfaces with the Lasting protection for the Life of your printed Graphics.

Colourshield SafeTouch provides reliable and consistent protection from mould growth as well as bacterial contamination, including MRSA, & E.coli, Colourshield Safetouch is ideal for use in environments where hygiene is of particular importance, such as schools, nurseries, restaurants/cafeterias and hospitals, care homes and heavy traffic areas. . Ideal for preventing the growth and spread of bacterial from Heavy public traffic areas and touch surfaces, such as Retail counters, door plates, Tables, chairs, and railings. Equally good practise for printed walls and surfaces and staircases or escalators. (airports, Train, Doctors Surgeries, Shops, offices) Normal cleaning and sterilisation practices should still be adhered to, but our coatings ensure throughout the life of the coated surface using colourshield safetouch, the safety and assurance of surfaces free of the exposure of microbes. In fact adding a printed message or advertising to protect the surfaces is great for branding as well.


If you have surfaces that need added protection, but you are concerned about damage to these surfaces, why not ask us about Landor Phototex peel and stick fabric coated with Colourshield safetouch? Phototex can provide that extra layer of protection you need and carry both a graphic and anti-microbial protection without damage the surface it is applied to.

This ensures the surface is free of microbes and the Phototex protect the surface from any damage.No damage can be caused when removing phototex. But in the meantime, Phototex and colourshield safetouch coatings will protect the surface for as long as you need it. It can be changed as much or as little as you want it to be.