Colourjet Sprays: The Fast -the efficient Water proof fixative to Protect your Prints

Add Water resistance,  UV Fade Resistance, abrasion, chemical resistance and enhance image vibrancy of your inkjet prints by spraying quickly and easily a clear protective coating. Fast drying and easy to apply yourself, ColourJet is the preferred choice by professional printers and graphics arts producers wishing to enhance the Durability, life and Sustaining the quality of their prints. […]

Embrace Sustainability: Transform Your Visual Communications with Liquid Lamination

Embracing Sustainability: The Shift to Liquid Lamination in Visual Communications In the ever-evolving landscape of visual communications, one thing remains constant: the need for innovation and progress. As we strive to create impactful brand experiences and dynamic marketing materials, it’s imperative that we also prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Roller Coating by Hand Coating by […]

Vehicle Wrapping the Sustainable Method with Landor Liquid Lamination

Liquid Lamination and the Environmental Advantages for Vehicle Wraps Vehicle advertising and branding, has become a very popular choice, especially given its relative ease of installation and promotional and branding benefits. This has also made it an affordable solution.  Traditional vinyl wraps rely on Cast PVC films with solvent-based adhesive, which requires a compatible Cast […]

Adding Protection to your Giclee Prints

If you take this 61cm x 30cm (24” x 12”)canvas  that is sold as a premium canvas and you break it down, then you will note  or learn a few things.  First of all the Canvas image example below that is declared as premium is  not really premium canvas unless it has been coated with […]

Making Wall Graphics Look Brilliant with Phototex Repositionable Wall Covering

A lot of our work comes from the motorsports industry, which as you can probably guess means everything we produce has to always look twice as good as anything else in order to please our customers sponsors. After all, nobody in their right mind would ever sponsor a racing team that put crappy looking graphics […]

EAZYWALLZ AND LANDOR UK: Business Partners who Stick Together

Eazywallz Vintage Floral Wallpaper using Landor UK Phototex Eazywallz believes that every wall has a story to tell, and its high quality, custom wallpapers and wall murals and are the key to letting yours unfold. With unique designs ranging from the latest trends in interior design to original artworks produced in collaboration with photographers, illustrators […]