Case Study – Martin Thompson

Printing Pixels Remember photography? Back in the eighties Martin Thompson was in the darkrooms of the Royal College of Art, carefully agitating a tray of developer, patiently waiting for an image to appear on a blank sheet of photographic paper. A stop bath, a fix and a wash later, he would usually shuffl e back […]

Digital Tyger – Case Study

Keeping ahead of the game Digital bespoke large format graphics are the name of the game for Digital Tyger and they are recognised for not only creating colourful and diverse wall coverings but also for inspiring ceiling images. They were recently commissioned by Innex Architectural and Interior Design Solutions to provide two awe inspiring ceiling […]

When Quality Matters – Phototex is the Artists’ Choice

Around the Table by Loreal Prystaj Around the Table is an art exhibition running from 7th May until 26th June at Islington No. 20 Arts. Renowned photography artist, Loreal Prystaj, has created her installation in this exhibition using Phototex – and she LOVES it.   Setting up for Loreal Prystaj’s New Exhibition at Islington No. […]

Making Wall Graphics Look Brilliant with Phototex Repositionable Wall Covering

A lot of our work comes from the motorsports industry, which as you can probably guess means everything we produce has to always look twice as good as anything else in order to please our customers sponsors. After all, nobody in their right mind would ever sponsor a racing team that put crappy looking graphics […]

EAZYWALLZ AND LANDOR UK: Business Partners who Stick Together

Eazywallz Vintage Floral Wallpaper using Landor UK Phototex Eazywallz believes that every wall has a story to tell, and its high quality, custom wallpapers and wall murals and are the key to letting yours unfold. With unique designs ranging from the latest trends in interior design to original artworks produced in collaboration with photographers, illustrators […]