Extra Protection for your Interior walls & high traffic areas with
Landor Anti-Microbial Coatings

As well as Added Print protection for your art murals, posters and signage, you can now protect against the risk of transmission MRSA and E-coli and More with our ISO Certified 22196 Protective Liquid Lamination coatings

Embellish & provide added Protection to your prints. Prevent premature degradation, from the effects of abrasion, water, chemical and UV exposure that can lead to Print and colour vibrancy fade. Our high performance protective coatings have been further formulated to protect you and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. especially at risk in High traffic areas or areas with alot of human touch and contact.  

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Essential for Healthcare as well as Publice venues


Water & Chemical Resistant, Abrasion resistant, UV Fade Resistant

Wall & Surface Protection

Protect your prints and enable them to last longer in High Traffic Venues

ISO 22196 Certified

Certified to Kill and prevent the transfer of E-Coli and MRSA Bacterias

Lifetime Protection

For the life of your print you can be re-assured of the lifetime protection of your walls and surfaces

About Us

For over 20 years we we have developed and supported coatings for the Print industry. Our expertise in applications, ink technologies and substrates/surfaces, enables us to advise and provide the best methods, technology and service for the print protection as well as preventing the contamination of bacteria on walls and surfaces.

Utilising advanced resins we can assist you to choose the best technology, water based or UV to protect your prints and your premises, and the people for the life of your visual communications or interior decor.

Safe Touch

No matter where you go, or where you impress, print or communicate, Our coatings ensure the ultimate protection of both your prints and imaging but also the People who come into view or contact with your surfaces. For the Life of the Print!

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