Adding Protection to your Giclee Prints

If you take this 61cm x 30cm (24” x 12”)canvas  that is sold as a premium canvas and you break it down, then you will note  or learn a few things. 

First of all the Canvas image example below that is declared as premium is  not really premium canvas unless it has been coated with a canvas coating to preserve it, transforming  it to an archival and long lasting, durable  print as desired and chosen by the new owner.  Landor Liquid Lamination will provide your prints with essential protection! Especially if you are expecting to enjoy it for a reasonable period of time.

When you stretch canvas, the firs issue that may come about, is the chance of the canvas and ink to crack, especially on the edge of the frame. Inside the frame, you will most typically find this canvas is wrapped in low cost timber that probably has come over in containers from China. This is quite fine as long as the rest of your artworks represent the quality you thought you were buying into.  Even if it is good quality plywood, this is predominantly protected by the wrap of the canvas.  All canvases come in different qualites. from 100% polyester to 100% woven cotton. Lacquers and varnish, is actually key and is often used in the art industry.  In this case the surface protection needed for your canvas is to give it the protection it needs to be long lasting and any lower grade qualities can be protected with our Liquid Lamination coatings. Not all varnishes or coatings will adhere to printed ink and canvas, as well as protect adequately your inkjet canvas prints. Landor Liquid Lamination does just that. We have been doing this for 20 years! Keeping up with the different ink technologies: from Dye, to pigment to Latex, and even UV inkjet technologies.  

So if you are looking for a quality product, just ask the question: Has it been coated? – Or has it been varnished? – Is this a giclee varnish or Giclee Coating? (not all varnishes are the same!)  Coatings come in various forms but for Canvas they need to work, and adhere, and adjust with the construction of the canvas. Then it needs to protect and extend the life of the ink and print canvas from fade, that can come from the effects of UV light, general pollution and other events, such as chemical and environmental exposure, or events. Without this protection your canvas may not quite be so premium after all. Anti abrasion, washable, resisting dirt and grime over time, is another key factor in protecting your canvas prints. Landor Liquid Lamination  coatings will give you the choice of protection you may desire with the options of  gloss, satin or matt finish. 

Landor Liquid lamination has been working for over 20 years ensuring your assets and artwork, are sustainable and long lasting as they should be.

If you find that your canvas or fine art print has not been protected, then it is not too late. First of all, you can call us first for advice, and if possible let us know what the canvas quality  and ink type make up your print. This helps us determine which coating will be most suitable. What we need most of all is to know if the inks are water based, pigmented (like Epson, Canon or Hp to mention the leading inkjet printers for fine art) – then we can do the rest for you.

You can either allow us to give your prints the love and protection you want with a fairly fast turn around, or we can send you the right coating for the right long lasting protection and longevity you want and deserve of your new found treasure art work!

Contact us on +44 1252 624411 or email us: for further advice, support and a compatible coating and protection solution

Our Coating services will Protect, Preserve, as well as extend the life of your prints Send us your artworks and we will do it for you, or call us and we will explain and help you do it yourself with our expertise and service that we have developed over 20 years